Programme Overview
This programme is designed to equip students with the necessary skills to in the discipline of human resource management. It is a strategic approach towards management of the organization’s most valued assets – ‘the people- and ensure that the work experience is in line with the objectives of the organization.
Target Groups
• Students from any discipline who wish to start a career in human resource management or others who are currently working in other occupations and wish to switch to HR.
• Managers in any functional areas of the organization who wish to acquire knowledge and skills in human resource management.
• Students who wish to pursue higher levels of education in the field of HR and Business.
Expected Learning Outcomes
• Develop practical skills in the analysis of concepts and practices in human resource management.
• Showcase skills and competence to the level where they can make professional contribution to the administration and management of human resources in an organization.
Progression Path
Degree in related area
Programme Duration and Structure
This diploma course shall be offered in six terms.
Entry Requirements
Be a holder of K.C.S.EC- (Minus)