Programme Overview

This programme will offer skills in the effective training of children. The course provides training in children development strategies as well as training in languages and mathematics.

Additionally, graduates are equipped with insights on children’s rights, psychology and administration.

The course will provide sufficient knowledge and skills for professional growth and will enable those trained to contribute towards the holistic development of children as they prepare to progress to primary school education.

Expected Learning Outcomes
• Apply the content standards to the field of Early Childhood Education.
• Apply the standards to the field of Early Childhood Education.
• Build family and community relationships to promote positive development and learning.
• Describe the role of observing, documenting and assessing children’s learning and development to guide instructional practice.
• Describe the use of developmentally effective approaches to connect with children.
Career Opportunities
• Teachers
• Learning Administrators
• Trainers and Life coaches
• Instructional
• Early Childhood Caregivers
• Instructional Assistants
• Caregivers In School
Programme Duration and Structure
• Four (2) years
Entry Requirements
• An aggregate grade of C-(C Minus) and above in K.C.S.E