Programme Overview

This course serves as an opportunity to learn how to effectively and efficiently manage business activities and prepare yourself for an demand career.

Emphasis will be on the importance of business management and operational skills. The course will further serve as a foundation for students who wish to venture into business management and entrepreneurship as well as those who want to pursue high levels in business studies.
Career Opportunities
• Administrative Assistants
• Financial Officer
• Operating Manager
• Clerk
Expected Learning Outcomes
• Acquire basic knowledge necessary in carrying out analysis of concepts and practices in business entrepreneurship and administration.
• Develop knowledge, skills and competence to the level where students can make a professional contribution to the administration and management of businesses within the marketplace.
Programme Duration and Structure
This certificate course shall be offered in 2 years of six terms.
Entry Requirements
• Be a holder of K.C.S.E with a minimum aggregate of D Plain